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Three Mid 18th Century Hand Coloured Orientalist Views of Egypt

Frederik Ludvig Norden (Danish, 1708-1742)

These engravings were originally executed by Frederik Ludvig Norden (1708-1742), Danish naval officer, cartographer & archaeologist, and were part of his account during his travels through Egypt & the Sudan from 1737-38, titled ‘Voyage d' Egypt et de Nubie’, published by Markus Tuscher (1705-1751). These plates, one dated 1743 & 1744 are considered to be the earliest & most significant illustrations of Egypt, drawn prior to Dominique Vivant Denon’s account published in 1802.

All three are un-framed, measuring 11” high x 18.75” wide.

Three mid 18th C hand coloured views of Egypt, Frederik Ludvig Norden (1708-42)

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