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February 18-19-20, 2022


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Karine Belzile

Chic Shack Antiques (Quebec)

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The 2022 National Capital

Antiques, Art & Design Fair

Ottawa  Ontario  Canada

A vetted event showcasing select dealers exhibiting some of the finest merchandise in the country,

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Tudor Hall, Ottawa

3750 North Bowesville Road

November 4-6, 2022

We look forward to welcoming you back!

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Donohue & Bousquet

Dealers in Fine Silverware Since 1971

DONOHUE & BOUSQUET, who after 50 years of continuous business in Ottawa and as one of Canada’s most respected silver specialists and long-time members of the Canadian Antique Dealers Association (CADA), are closing their doors.

Since 1971 Donohue & Bousquet have been dealing in fine 17th– 20th century Silver & Accessories, and count among their lengthy list of notable clients several Prime Ministers of Canada, high ranking Members of Parliament, Supreme Court Justices, Foreign Service Ambassadors, as well as a host of prominent & historically significant Ottawa families.

The Canadian Antique Dealers Association wish to acknowledge the outstanding contribution that Donohue & Bousquet have made to the Antiques community in Canada.

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Baraset House

Secrets of a Royal Past Revealed

Recent conservation of Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann's 1868 masterwork 'The Stocking-Mender' has uncovered four Royal Inventory stamps on the reverse of the stretcher and on the original frame, confirming a remarkable Royal Provenance.

It is highly unusual for an object to leave the Royal Collection, making this work a staggeringly rare example of a painting that had been in the hands and homes of the British Crown for almost a century.

The painting, which had been exhibited at the Berlin Academy of Art in 1868, was gifted to Queen Victoria for Christmas by her eldest daughter Vicky, the Crown Princess of Prussia, at Osborne House in December 1868. The painting was catalogued by Sir Arthur Durrant in his Osborne House Inventory of 1876, p.330, no.513, and was passed down within the Royal Family to King Edward VII, King George V, HRH Princess Christian, HRH Princess Helena Victoria & HRH Princess Marie Louise. After the death of HRH Princess Marie Louise, the work was sold at auction, and entered the public art market for the first time in a century.


For decades, the Royal Inventory stamps on the reverse of the stretcher and frame had been hidden underneath paper backing and auction labels, and have only just come to light once again.

The Stocking-Mender circa 1868

Available for sale by BARASET HOUSE at

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CADA Member First Arts Inuit & First Nations Art

July 2021 Auction Achieves 1.2 Million Dollars and Sets

10 Auction Records including:

ROBERT DAVIDSON (1946- ) $90,000

ELIJASSIAPIK (1912-1972) $38,400

OVILOO TUNNILLIE (1949-2014) $31,200

SHEOKJUK OQUTAQ (1920-1982) $31,200

MANASIE AKPALIAPIK (1955-) $26,400

MARY SANAAQ PAPIGATOK (1910-1987) $24,000


ANANAISIE ALIKATUKTUK (1944-2007) $7,800

Lot 59 (pictured)


S'gan Mask (Killer Whale Mask) 1990


ESTIMATE: $70,000 — $100,000

Price Realized: $90,000

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CADA Member First Arts Inuit & First Nations Art December 2020 Auction Achieves 1.9 Million Dollars and Breaks 11 Auction Records including world record prices for:

Jessie Oonark, O.C., R.C.A (1906-1985) $156,000

John Pangnark (1920-1980) $108,000

Lucassie Usaitaijuk (1897-1962) $108,000

Captain Richard Carpenter (Du'klwayella) (1841-1931) $78,000

Judas Ullulaq (1937-1999) $50,400

Henry Evaluardjuk (1923-2007) $55,200


Joe Talirunili's (1893-1976) Migration Boat 1966 (pictured) which achieved $360,000; the second highest world record price for a work of Inuit Art at Auction.

Lot 32


Migration Boat, 1966


ESTIMATE: $180,000 — $280,000

Price Realized: $360,000

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New Members

The Canadian Antique Dealers Association welcomes our newest Members:

Historical Lights (Quebec)

Wayne Cameron Fine Art (Halifax)

Chester Collectionneur (Quebec)

First Arts Premiers Inc. (Toronto)

Glen Manor Galleries (Ontario)

Grand Central Inc. (Quebec)


On November 5, 2020, CADA became the first Canadian Association to join CINOA - The International Federation of Art & Antique Dealers. CINOA represents 32 of the worlds leading art and antiques dealers’ associations in 21 countries. These member associations account for over 5,000 of the world's most respected dealers who all share the principles of quality and integrity founded on a depth of specialist knowledge. A member of the public who buys from or sells to a member of CINOA has the confidence of knowing that the dealer subscribes to strict guidelines concerning the ethics of dealing and belongs to a recognized and respected national association that vets its members.

CINOA is committed to the broadening of knowledge within the world of art and antiques. The annual CINOA prize has supported the publication of many academic and art historical works and now promotes other fields of artistic endeavour such as exhibitions, conservation programmes and educational projects as well as rewarding museum curators and public figures who are judged to have most benefited the arts and the art market.

In an international market that is increasingly challenged by regulations, CINOA provides an international voice to promote the art market and encourage free trade in works of art. CINOA supports fair and open systems of cultural protection but believes that over regulation causes distortions and problems that can encourage illicit trading rather than preventing it.

The CINOA website gives access to full details of the federation, its member associations and its member dealers.