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Baraset House
Fine Art

Extraordinary works of art, porcelain, furniture & decorative objects. Specialists in 17th-century Japanese porcelain, Old Master paintings, and 17th- to 20th-century fine & decorative arts. We serve an international clientele of private collectors, corporate collections, interior designers and museums.

Under the direction of fine & decorative arts expert Emily Davies-Cohen since 1997, Baraset House Fine Art Gallery has been sourcing extraordinary works of art, porcelain, furniture and decorative objects from collections around the world. These pieces are chosen for their outstanding provenance as well as for their rarity and fineness, resulting in a collection rich in both historical importance and decorative appeal.

Emily Davies-Cohen (Toronto)

416 666 6295   |

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Barry Ezrin

Antiques & Appraisals

Offers a comprehensive range of services including both personal property appraisal as well as the purchasing and sale of antiques.

Barry is a well-known Antique Dealer from Southern Ontario. With more than 10 years of experience and Canadian Personal Property Appraiser Group (CPPAG) accredited, Barry seeks to guide clients through the antique appraisal process.

2100-28 Side Rd.

Moffat, Ontario

L0P 1J0

Barry Ezrin (Moffat)

519 766 1435   |


Elisabeth Legge

Antique Prints

A rarified collection of antique & vintage prints.

Elisabeth & Nicholas Legge are the dynamic founders and owners of, an online showroom of antique and vintage prints based in Toronto (formerly of Yorkville, Toronto).  
For 30 years, we have been supplying antique engravings, etchings and more modern pochoir prints to our diverse clientele,
including architects, designers and discerning collectors worldwide.

Elisabeth & Nicholas Legge

40 Delisle Ave.

Unit 610

Toronto, Ontario

M4V 1S6

416 972 1378   |

Elisabeth Legge 01 - Porchoir Print by A
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First Arts

First Arts is a hybrid auction-retail company specializing in the work of Canada’s Indigenous artists (Inuit, First Nations & Métis). Our partners Ingo Hessel, Nadine Di Monte, Patricia Feheley, and Mark London have over 100 years of combined experience in marketing and appraising Indigenous art at auction and retail, teaching and public education, writing and publishing, museum curatorship, consulting, and working directly with artists.


Collectively the experts at First Arts are able to offer consignors the choice of auction or retail options. Our twice-yearly live auctions have smashed some thirty world price records, including the two highest prices ever achieved at auction for works of Inuit art, and numerous records for works by individual Inuit and First Nations artists.


First Arts specializes in historic, classic and modern Inuit sculptures, prints and drawings, wall hangings, and artifacts from Canada, Greenland, and Alaska, as well as historic, traditional, and modern sculptures (masks, totems, argillite, rattles etc.), paintings, prints and drawings, and artifacts by First Nations artists from across Canada and beyond.


Because we at First Arts are committed to providing insightful information about artists and individual artworks, our efforts serve to bolster awareness of and respect for the Indigenous arts of Canada. Our emphasis is on quality, thoughtful presentation, and a learning experience. We serve an international clientele of seasoned and novice collectors, corporations, and museums.

Nadine Di Monte

647-286-5012   |

Ingo Hessel

613-818-2100   |

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Gary Dawson


An eclectic collection of

country & classic accessories.

Gary Dawson

905 727 3334   |


George Brown


Fine Tribal and Ethnographic antiques, Art of the Americas and other regions of the world, reference books pertaining to the culture of tribal peoples, general antiques and documents related to New France, Quebec and Folk Art.


George Brown

P.O. Box 69035, RPO

St. Claire Centre,

Toronto, Ontario

M4T 3A1

George Brown

416-964-9134   |

Palmer Jarvis
palmer jarvis cada image.jpeg

Palmer Jarvis

Specializing in the historic art of North America, with an emphasis on objects made by Indigenous artists from the Northwest Coast and Eastern Woodlands. 


Offering object identification, research, and guidance on acquisitions. 


Also seeking historic art from Oceania, as well as early documents and photographs pertaining to Indigenous cultures.

Palmer Jarvis

Toronto, Ontario

416.520.7564   |


Peter Vernon


Specializing in 18th and 19th century furniture, accessories and art.

Accredited & experienced personal property appraisers

31 Crestwood Rd.

Toronto, Ontario

M1N 1C9


Helen & Peter Vernon

Toronto, Ontario

416 694 2587   |

Shadyside Investments 12 - Bullseye, Pri



Smalls, mainly pressed glass, early lighting (whale oil, fluid, fairy lamps, lanterns, flat wick, including miniatures) and Canadian Art

Stouffville, Ontario

L4A 2R4


Michael & Gwen Chvalevich

Stouffville, Ontario

905-955-6710   |

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Turco Persian

Specializing in antique rug sales. Come see our extensive area rug showroom full of fine hand-knotted pieces. You’ll find new transitional pieces to antique Persian works of art.

We’ve been Toronto’s premier rug cleaning shop for over 113 Year. We still clean rugs in a similar manner after all these years with soap, water, hard work and attention to detail.

Our full in-house repair team, which includes a Persian Master Weaver, is highly skilled and tackle any type of repair, weaving or modification.

452 Richmond St. E.

Toronto, Ontario

M5A 1R2

Gregory Kasparian

416 366 0707   |

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