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Otter with Young

Possibly Henry Quissa 

Povungnituk circa late 1970s. 

Approx 11 in tall


Realistic nature carvings were popular subjects in Povungnituk carvings from the 1950s on. Looking at the impressive output that is now out there, I often ask myself what carvings stand out from the pack.  "Otter With Young" is a relatively late work; carved with a generic stone; and essentially portrays a couple of weasels.  However it stands as one of the very best Inuit otter sculptures I am aware of.   


"Otter with Young '' captures nimble creatures perfectly balanced in motion.  The playful young otter is running under the parent's feet;  the parent moving to stay upright and readied for the youngsters next act.  In real time, the frame might play out too quickly to catch.  Frozen in stone, we can fully appreciate the cheeky pup and obliging parent.  The heavy top, small base and ample negative space throughout all speak to the talent and careful planning of the carver.  A beautiful and amusing work from every angle. 

Otter with Young sculpture, possibly by Henry Quissa (Povungnituk) circa 1970s

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