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A Rare and Important Pre-Confederation Lower Canada Bronze Measure, Dated 1860


The belted circular body sided by open handles and exhibiting a very old if not original patina overall, the front engraved V.R.L.C. above engraved script noting - ½ Minot and dated 1860, the underside bearing foundry / makers marks for O St. Amant.

In 1860, Lower Canada - now referred to as Quebec, received approximately 4 sets of standard weights and measures, each engraved V.R.L.C. (for Victoria Regina Lower Canada), above engraved script noting the size of each measure, which in this case is a 1/2 Minot – (the French term for a British half bushel), and the date 1860.

One complete set was delivered to the Clerk of the Assembly, and the balance delivered to Inspectors of Weights and Measures in diverse parts of Lower Canada.                                                                                                

Dimensions: 9” high x 14” diameter, (17” across handles).

Approximate weight, 38.5 lbs.

An Important Pre-Confederation Lower Canada VRLC bronze measure, dated 1860

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