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An Exceedingly Fine Pair of Miniature Japanese Mixed Metal Bronze Vases Meiji Period (1868-1912)                                                                             Both bottle-shaped, panelled bodies richly decorated with finely worked motifs using both shibuichi & shakudo techniques, depicting cranes in flight on one side, with others standing in grassy marshes on the opposing. The finely detailed silvered bodies accented with copper highlights and gold limbs. Both vases remain in very good overall condition and exhibit a fine old patina overall, mounted upon their finely carved original wood bases.         

Height of vases, 4”, (overall height on bases) 4.5” high.

Shibuichi is a technique using an alloy of silver & copper, whereas Shakudo is a technique using an alloy of gold & copper. These techniques are recorded as having been used prior to the 18th century to decorate Samurai swords, but with the advent of the Meiji Period, Japanese sword makers turned instead to using these techniques on various forms of metalware & decorative arts.

An exceedingly fine pair of miniature Japanese mixed metal bronze vases, Meiji

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