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A very fine 17th century Ai-Kutani spiral moulded dish with pie-crust rim and sharply undulating cavetto, richly painted with a pair of deer climbing a rocky outcrop


Kusunokidani kiln, Ai-Kutani type, Arita, Hizen province, Japan

early Edo period (mid 17th century)

circa 1650-70


The very finely potted white porcelain body of shallow circular form with a sharply moulded pie crust rim dressed in iron brown fuchi-beni rim glaze with a superbly formed cavetto of undulating, spiralling form. The interior is boldly painted with an asymmetrical scene of a male and female deer climbing a rocky outcrop. Sanskrit characters encircling the well. The asymmetry of the design provides an excellent example of the Japanese aesthetic of The Beauty of Empty Space.


An unusual fuku mark to the reverse.



22.1 cm diameter; 2.4 cm high



Very good original condition. A barely perceptible 2.0cm hairline to the rim at 10 o’clock.



A private Japanese Collection (Osaka, Japan).

A very fine Ai-Kutani spiral moulded dish, Kusunokidani kiln c1650-70


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  • Additional information


    An identical dish in the Shibata Collection at the Kyushu Ceramic Museum, illustrated in Complete Catalogue of Shibata Collection (2019), no.0604, dated 1650-70, catalogued as "Sometsuke Iwashikamon Rinkasara Sometsuke Iwaka pattern ring flower plate 1650s-1670s Diameter 22.2 Height 2.4 Bottom diameter"

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