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These antique English oak candlesticks have a medieval form and appeal, but were probably made in the early 19thC. The turned columns are mounted on stepped triangular bases. They have a deep waxed patina and a rich mellow tone to the surface. There is minor loss to the top edge of each stick, but little more than could be expected for an antique of this age. The third picture shows where one stick has had some shrinkage to the oak spindle and this has resulted in this stick being very slightly curved. This seems to add authenticity and charm to the overall appeal of this pair. When positioned correctly, this curve is completely unnoticeable.

They stand 11.25 inches tall and the base has a width of 4.25 inches.

They are extremely decorative and would enhance any table or fireplace.

A pair of 19th C turned oak candlesticks, English

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