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A large Folk Art paper banner (on linen backing) promoting famous American magician, Charles Joseph Carter (1874-1936) by Otis Lithograph Co., Cleveland, Ohio.


Untouched and unmounted, with strong color and minimal fading. Found on a barn, underneath other posters.


While Kellar, Thurston and Blackstone gained fame as America's greatest magicians, another American, Charles Joseph Carter (1874-1936), chose to win his fame and fortune as a master magician by traveling around the world. Between 1900 and 1936, 'Carter the Great' made eight world tours in addition to appearances in his native country. [He] died of a heart attack on February 13, 1936, in Bombay, India, while on his eighth world tour. (Magi Posters, p. 11).



104H” x 160W” x 1D”

A large Folk Art magician banner 'Carter the Great' by Otis Lithograph Co. c1910

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