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French Directoire Period Mahogany Center Table in exceptional original condition. 


This exceptional French period Gueridon dates around 1790-1800 and is in remarkable original condition considering it’s age. The design can work in any interior, modern or traditional considering it’s simplicity of line and elegance of design.


From 1789 to 1804, French furniture took a sharp turn, condemning anything associated with the Ancient Régime. Meaning Louis XVI and the unfortunate Marie Antoinette. Previously predominant themes revolving around royal extravagance, noble power, and privilege were now perceived negatively.


Repressed by the revolutionaries, furniture guilds were no longer able to ensure the same degree of craftsmanship. They dissolved in 1791. While this period was economically and socially troubled, personal wealth among private citizens grew. And as it did, so did the demand for furniture.


36″ Diameter x 30″ tall

A fine French Directoire Period mahogany center table / gueridon circa 1790-1800

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