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English cow creamers were a popular feature of the Georgian home. 

Their popularity began in the mid 18th C and lasted to about 1830.  They were again popular in Victorian times, but by then, they were mass produced with a very basic form.

This cow creamer was individually potted and probably made in Yorkshire or the northern part of England. These cow creamers all featured a curled tail that acted as the pouring handle, an open and often smiling mouth for the cream to pour from and sometimes a milkmaid milking the cow.  There is usually a small lid covering a hole where the milk or cream was poured into the cow. 

The present creamer still has its original lid that was often lost over time. This naive example has sponged decoration in brown and black and a very crudely finished milkmaid. It would seem that the horns could be  an old repair but that is common with 200 year old pieces of pottery. 

A 19th C English pottery cow creamer, probably Yorkshire

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