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These 6 spongeware or portneuf bowls were recovered from a shipwreck in the Irish Sea. In 1874, a sailing ship called the Adgillus left Liverpool with a cargo of china, gunpowder and various other types of cargo. In the evening a terrible storm came up and the ship sank to the bottom of the Irish Sea.  In 1992, the cargo was recovered and these bowls were part of the cargo. The bowls have 3 types of sponged floral decoration to them. All of the bowls are similar but not with  identical patterns.

There is crazing to each as can be seen in the third photo. Since they have never been used, they are free of any chips, cracks or damage.

They have a diameter of 10.25 inches.

They are sold individually (C$225.00 each) but could be purchased as a set. 

Spongeware Portneuf Soup Bowl, Irish Sea shipwreck cargo, c1870

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