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After James Pattison Cockburn 
View of Quebec circa 1834 
Hand Coloured Engravings 
20 x 28"  

Cockburn was a military officer stationed in Canada during the 1820's.  While posted, he was afforded the opportunity to paint landscapes of Ontario and Quebec between 1826-1832.  His illustrations document land and architecture that has since undergone two centuries of change.   They also reflect the influence of Dutch and Italian historical art that he was exposed to when previously stationed in Europe.   

Upon returning to England, Cockburn selected 6 drawings of Quebec City to publish as hand coloured engravings in 1834.  They are some of the finest known historical illustrations of Lower Canada.  Four of the six images are offered here.  Three are from the first striking with vivid plate detail and hand coloring. They have just returned fully restored from a paper conservator as loose sheets. 

A fourth view of Montmorency Falls is included from a second striking circa 1857.   It has been left unrestored to show as found condition, although it can be restored like the others.


$3,000 each. $4,500 for the Lower Town image.

After James Pattison Cockburn, hand coloured engravings 'View of Quebec' c1834

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