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GEORGE IV PEWTER CORONATION PLATES -- A very rare set of 12 pewter
plates from George IV's coronation in 1820. Each plate is 9.75" in
diameter and features the George IV cypher on the front rim. The reverse
carries the touch mark of Thomas Dean Alderson who was responsible for
crafting a large portion of the coronation service. The plates are also
hallmarked "LONDON SUPERFINE." The plates are accompanied by a 1965
dated letter from the shop of which the plates were acquired, The Old
Metalcraft Shop, a  shop owned by perhaps Britain's most well-known and
respected pewter dealer of the 20th century, John Casimir. The letter is
addressed to the family from whom we recently acquired the plates.
Single plates can occasionally be found but a set of 12 is a true

A rare set of 12 pewter plates from the Coronation of George IV, Alderson c1820

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