Hal Ross Perrigard (Canadian 1891-1960) 
Group of Illustrations of the Old Port, Montreal 
Watercolor on paper, each bound in a folio. 
An important group of original watercolors by Canadian Artist Hall Ross Perrigard circa 1933-1937 illustrating industrial machinery, figures and activity in various parts of the Old Port, Montreal.  Each illustration is crisply detailed and vibrantly coloured with Art Deco aesthetics. 


Originally discovered in a flat file cabinet in Hawaii and later repatriated back to Canada.  Each illustration is bound in a folio and bordered by hashmarks for reproduction.  More research is required to learn where images were published. 


There are approximately 30 images which can be sold together or individually.   
Price $995 per image.

Hal Ross Perrigard (Canadian 1891-1960) Illustrations of the Old Port, Montreal