Barnabus Arnasungaaq (Baker Lake)
Happy Woman c 1975
H 14” x W 11” D 10”   
Barnabus carved Happy Woman at arguably the peak of his career and  classic period of Baker Lake Art the mid 1970s.   Along with several other Baker Lake artists, Barnabus is known for sculpting basalt forms with a confident roughness. Happy woman shows many of the rough tool marks used to shape the stone, finer hand work to render details such as the smiling face and finer still scrimshaw to illustrate a pack full of fish on the woman's back.  Happy Woman is prominent in scale even by Baker Lake standards.   As with many of the artist's larger figures, Barnabus is able to convey the same warmth and charm of a much smaller carving. 

Barnabus Arnasungaaq (Baker Lake) 'Happy Woman' circa 1975