A 17thc Early Enamelled Ware Kakiemon shell-shaped dish on high foot, enamelled in two-tone overglaze blue with a flowering Himalayan blue poppy and two poppy seed-heads (pods) growing from the scalloped edge

Arita, Japan, early Edo period


Early Enamelled Ware; Kakiemon-related.


A similar example of this exceptionally rare dish is on display in the Japanese Gallery of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. It is thought that the present dish may predate the Ashmoleon example, which differs only in that the Ashmolean example has two-tone enamelling in overglaze blue and green, whereas the present example has two-tone enamelling in dark overglaze blue and light overglaze blue.

No other example of this early blue poppy design on a shell-shaped Arita dish is known.

An incredibly rare piece of early Japanese porcelain history.



see Impey, Oliver 'Japanese Export Porcelain: The Collection of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford' (2002), pg.93, no.97 (Story Fund, 1989.168) categorized as Early Enamelled Ware; Kakiemon-related, for the only other known recorded example.

An exceptionally rare Early Enamelled Kakiemon shell dish with blue poppy, c1660

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