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Haida, Tlingit, or Tsimshian
Northern Northwest Coast
Second half of the 19th century
Mountain goat horn
Length: 16.5cm
Width: 6.3cm


An elegant, and confidently rendered ceremonial spoon, with its handle carved as a figure with a protruding tongue.
Aside from associations with the practical and sustenancial consumption of food, protruding tongues among historic peoples of the Northwest Coast have been strongly associated with the transfer of spiritual power.
Tongues often feature prominently on both ceremonial and shamanistic objects, and can be found on large communally owned feast ladles, or as here, in the intimate scale of the individually owned spoon.
Private collection, Toronto, ON


Victor-Howe, Anne-Marrie, Feeding The Ancestors: Tlingit Carved Horn Spoons, New Haven: Peabody Museum Press, 2007.

An elegant 19th C Northwest Coast ceremonial spoon, Haida, Tlingit or Tsimshian

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    Residential School System, and promoting reconciliation between
    Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians.


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    The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund
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