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An Early 20th Century Bronze Figural Inkstand by Friedrich Gornik, Austria

Circa 1920                                                  


A very handsome early 20th century figural bronze inkstand depicting the finely modelled figures of a lion & lioness striding across a naturalistic ground, both figures demonstrating well defined muscular detail and movement, positioned to the extreme far right is a hinged lidded inkwell compartment overtop a full length pen trough. Exhibiting a fine untouched black / brown patina overall and signed in the mould, F. Gornik, Austria.                                         


Of considerable proportions & weight, measuring 6" high x 14.5" wide x 6" deep, and weighing 13.4 lbs.


Friedrich Gornik (1877-1943) studied sculpture with Theodore Charlemont in Vienna, he then later attended the Vienna School of Applied Arts from 1897-1905. His work is recognized for his enthusiastic attention to detail in rendering the musculature and natural movement found in his animal castings which were likely inspired by his zoological studies at the Schonbrunn Zoo. In addition to exhibiting works at The Vienna Kunstlerhaus from 1916-1918, one of his works titled ‘Troika’ was purchased by Emperor Franz Joseph 1st and remains in the collection at the Imperial Villa in Bad Ischl. Other works by Friedrich Gornik are represented in the Austrian Belvedere Gallery in Vienna, and at the Vienna Museum of Military History.

An early 20th C Austrian figural bronze inkstand, Friedrich Gornik, c1920

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