A pair of large and fine quality early Victorian sterling silver entree dishes by William Ker Reid, hallmarked London 1837. 

Cushion shaped with applied and chased scroll and acanthus borders and beautifully chased scrolling vine handles, with the original Old Sheffield Plate warming bases. 

Engraved with the crest and motto "Caffraria Khelat"for General Sir Thomas Willshire, 1st Baronet*. 

14" x 12" (35.6 x 30.5cm), 121 troy oz. (3762g).

A very fine pair of sterling silver entree dishes, William Ker Reid, London 1837

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    General Sir Thomas Willshire, 1st Baronet

    Willshire was born in Halifax Nova Scotia in 1789, the eldest surviving son of Captain John Willshire, a renowned member of the 38th regiment.  At the age of ten Thomas Willshire went on to join the military, fighting in no less than six battles by the time he was twenty.  Early in 1819 Willshire was sent to the frontier as commandant of British Kaffraria.  Later Willshire was appointed brigadier-general in India and was part of the primary forces leading the 1838 invasion of Afghanistan.  Ordered to unseat the Mehrab Khan of Kalat, a border town between what is now Pakistan and Afghanistan and whose resistance threatened British conquest, Willshire’s troops fought and won despite being greatly outnumbered by Khan forces.  After his retirement from military service he was promoted to Knight Grand Cross (G.C.B), one of the highest honours of chivalry before he died in 1862.

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