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Augsburg table cabinet, German 17/18th century, decorated over

virtually all surfaces with marquetry of indigenous fruitwood and

maple and ash depicting architectural scenes and musical

instruments. The front drops open to reveal multi-drawers and

locked compartments with engraved steel hardware.

The cabinet supported on a later stand.

Comes with 2 keys.

Size in inches: 49 h x 31 w x 15.75 d


Beginning in the mid-sixteenth century, Augsburg, Germany became one of the leading centres for furniture production and became particularly famous for its fine and intricate marquetry.

Cabinetmakers in this south German city specialized in table cabinets intended for the storage of small, precious objects. These luxury cabinets were decorated entirely with colorful marquetry depicting intricate townscapes, classical ruins, animals, figures, and a range of ornamental motifs drawn from contemporary German etchings and engravings.


This fine 17th/18th century example features a drop front which,

when opened, reveals eleven drawers and four small doors with

intricate, engraved locks. Assembled from various indigenous

fruitwood, maple and ash, the cabinet’s surfaces, including the

interior drawers and doors, have been decorated with a combination of marquetry and intarsia depicting foliage, musical instruments and architectural scenes of ruins. The green wood used to depict foliage was most likely stained with green fungus. The cabinet has been supported on a matching stand that was created at a later date.



A very fine 17th/18th century Augsburg marquetry table cabinet, Germany

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