French Chinoiserie bamboo dresser. Hand-applied lacquered top, with mirror and four drawers. Designed by the famous Parisian designer Madeleine Castaing, this piece is rare and highly sought after by top designers today. (A similar piece was shown in Architectural Digest mixed in with an ultra contemporary interior.)


Madeleine Castaing embodied over-the-top luxury and la vie bohème. As a patron – no, diva – of the arts, Castaing’s eye for excellence helped sponsor some of the greatest artists of all time, from Soutine to Modigliani. During the height of World War II, she opened an extravagant boutique behind the Boulevard Saint Germain and held court there as the queen of interiors well into her nineties. It became a legendary place and increasingly eccentric; like a Ms. Havisham’s Parisian lair or a portal into the pages of a book by Proust. Today, saying you’d like a room done in “le style Castaing” isn’t just decorative shorthand for elegance with a big kick of personality, it’s a challenge to a designer; a reminder that the best luxury shouldn’t just be bought, but brazenly assembled from the imagination.


Measurements: 36″ Wide x 19.5″ Deep x 62″ Tall.

A rare vintage French chinoiserie bamboo dresser by Madeleine Castaing