VARIABLE STAR QUILT - Tom and Adele Hersh Western Ontario Mennonite and Amish Quilt Collection circa 1930-40

Town: Floradale, Ontario (Waterloo County)

Maker unknown but from Milton Bauman family

Lightweight wools, crepes, blends and yellow cotton sateen, dark blue cotton sateen lining.


Measurements: 72" x 74"

Condition: excellent, unused.

Phyllis Pellman Good: "Despite the orderliness, this quilt has an exuberance, due largely to its highly contrasting and intense colours. Notice the unspoken details that add to its energy and depth. Pairs of yellow triangles complete each row of brilliant stars, sitting tightly against the black borders -- and dividing the strips of stars and plain blocks of two shades of purple, bringing more richness to the overall effect. The quilting is minimal, refusing to compete with the vibrant and carefully pieced stars and sashing, reminiscent of a glowing night's sky."

A Mennonite Variable Star quilt, Floradale, Ontario, Waterloo County, c1930-40