Kakiemon, Arita kiln, c.1700

A very fine early Edo period Japanese square underglaze blue porcelain bowl, brilliantly enamelled in the Kakiemon-style with Chrysanthemums and Camellias

Arita kiln, Kakiemon kiln, likely Nangawara

late 17th century - early 18th century

Early Edo Period, Genroku era (1688-1704)

circa 1690

Marked to the base with a large underglaze blue tow-character inishiebito seal mark, identical seal marks found at the Nangawara kiln sites


Measuring 15 cm in diameter; 4.5 cm in height

Of square form with gently curved sides, raised on a large circular footring, very finely painted in underglaze cobalt blue, and enamelled to the interior with flowering branches of Chrysanthemum and Camillia in iron red, overglaze green, blue, yellow and black. The underside decorated with stylized folded pine needles - a very popular motif often used on the reverse of mid-17th century Ko-Kutani wares.

Late 17th/18th C Kakiemon square footed bowl enamelled with chrysanthemums c1700