Box with a Fox.   

Ira S Bauman (1865-1935) was a Mennonite farmer in Waterloo County, Ontario. He bred prize winning short-horn cattle, and his father and grandfather were both farmers. Bauman headed the committee in 1924 which brought 1600 Russian Mennonite refugees safely to Canada and had them billeted to live with families and placed on local Waterloo County farmlands. He was greatly honoured in the community for this humanitarian achievement.

The pinstriping on the box is similar to some thresher panels that turn up, suggesting this was likely used to store tools or accessories aboard a piece of machinery. Small enough to be carried and rest on a counter/table.

The 'Waterloo' painted on the banner appears to be overpaint, so there is a possibility it may say Berlin or another small town underneath. The fox is a wonderful feature that I have not been able to find in other decorated furniture from SW Ontario, but certainly an animal that a farmer would be familiar with.


25 inches width x 12 inches depth x 19 inches height.

Price upon request.

A 19th C Canadian Folk Art Mennonite painted chest, Waterloo County

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