A very fine late 17th century Japanese Kakiemon lotus form five-petalled bowl dressed with fuchi-beni rim, the bold cobalt blue decoration based on a scene by Frederik van Frijtom (1632-1702) possibly of the Dutch East India trading harbour of Scheveningen, previously called 'Deshima Island' trading post.

Arita kiln, Kakiemon type, circa 1690.

Square "Ka" mark on the base, which appears on several sherds discovered at the Kakiemon kiln site and dated to circa 1680-1700.


Similar example of this large-sized lotus bowl in Burghley House, Stamford.

Smaller version of the present bowl in the Ashmolean Museum (Oxford).


Literature: Oliver Impey "Japanese Export Porcelain"

Oliver Impey "Barry Davies"


A 17th C Japanese Ai Kakiemon lotus bowl, 'Scheveningen', van Frijtom, c1690